Diamond Realty Management Inc.

Our ESG Efforts

Our Vision

We, as a member of Mitsubishi Corporation Group, put the group’s management philosophy, “Three Corporate Principles”, as the foundation of our business activities.
We set the “Corporate Policy of Conduct” based on that foundation; and we set “Corporate Standards of Conduct”, “Environmental Charter”, and “Social Charter” stating on objectives and approaches of our business activities, respect for human rights, and consideration for environment. We aim to realize the development and growth of sustainable society through the fair and sound business activities.

ESG Target

In order to achieve our ESG vision, We will strive to contribute to the creation of sustainable society with consideration toward ESG by enriched communications with our stakeholders including investors and tenants. We will pursue the various measures of which the evaluations and results of these measures can be incorpo-rated into the PDCA cycle to further enhance our ESG efforts.

ESG Management Structure

At DREAM, we have established the ESG Committee, which is chaired by our President & CEO. This committee includes the outside expert as the member, and this committee oversees our basic sustainability policies, studies and discuss on our ESG initiatives or issues, shares the ESG related information, makes recommendations regarding our ESG initiatives, and also monitors on our ESG related matters.

ESG Committee