Diamond Realty Management Inc.

Our ESG Efforts

Our ESG target and vision

As we strive to be a global real estate asset management company, incorporating the Mitsubishi Corporation Group’s management philosophy, “The Three Corporate Principles”, as the foundation of our business activities, we believe that the considerations for “Environment,” “Social” and “Governance” are essential tasks to achieve “Sustainable corporate value”. We set ESG target and vision as follows.

  1. Environmental Considerations

    We will adhere to the“ Environmental Charter” and act on behalf of our managing funds as follows.

    1. Climate change adaptation

      Reduce greenhouse gas emissions to realize Low-carbon society by improving energy efficiency and expanding data coverage for energy consumption

    2. Sustainable use of natural resources and waste control

      Reduce water usage and waste volume by implement sustainability initiatives such as water-saving fixtures

    3. Obtain environmental certifications

      Achieve higher rate in related environmental certifications

  2. Social Contributions

    We will adhere to the“Code of Conduct” and“ Social Charter” and engage with each stakeholder as follows.

    1. Investors

      Act in the best interests of our investors and disclose relevant information in a timely manner

    2. Tenants

      Provide safe and secure real estate and improve tenant satisfaction

    3. Suppliers

      Engage in active communication and work in cooperation to provide attractive product and service

    4. Communities

      Invigorate communities and support for sound development of local society

    5. Employees

      Provide professionals with health and wellbeing workplace and variety of training programs. Carry out periodic employee satisfaction surveys and regularly review various HR systems.

  3. Governance

    We will adhere to Corporate Code of Conduct and act as follows.

    1. Internal Control

      • Implement flexible organization structure and right placement to adapt to the changes in internal and external factors. Clarify reporting line embracing “Bad News First” policy and ensure the sound and efficient management.
      • Ensure compliance with the related regulatory and internal regulations led by Chief Compliance Officer. Initiate compliance programs and promote employees through trainings and educational opportunities.
    2. Handling of Anti-Social Forces

      Duly eliminate any contact with Anti-Social Forces through investigation.

    3. Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

      Prioritize life safety in the event of natural hazards, incidents, terrorism and pandemics and act as follows.

      • Check and ensure the safety of our employee and their family members. Prompt restoration of central corporate functions, life-saving activities and disaster recoveries.
      • Rapidly gain the information on property’s situation of each fund as after the disaster and make the best effort to the restoration.

ESG Management Structure

At DREAM, we have established the ESG Committee, which is chaired by our President & CEO. This committee includes the outside expert as the member, and this committee oversees our basic sustainability policies, studies and discuss on our ESG initiatives or issues, shares the ESG related information, makes recommendations regarding our ESG initiatives, and also monitors on our ESG related matters.

ESG Committee