Diamond Realty Management Inc.

Diversity & Inclusion

Realization of Working Styles with an Emphasis on Work-Life Balance

Basic Philosophy

Enhance productivity and contribute to corporate profits by realizing a well-organized work style in line with the diversification of working styles.

Flexible Work System

Development of remote work environment

It is now possible to conduct almost all internal business processes online in order to contribute to the smooth execution of services at home, share offices, etc. In addition, we rent out smartphones, notebook PCs, and tablet devices to employees to improve operational efficiency, and have achieved a significant paperless operations by viewing meeting materials on these tablets.

Introduction of work from home system

In principle, we have introduced a system that allows employees to choose to work from home flexibly for up to 10 days per month, thereby responding to a variety of working styles.

Introduction of flextime system

We have introduced a flextime system (core time: 11:00-15:00) to enable employees to conduct their work efficiently and independently by deciding on their work hours at their own discretion.

Use of shared offices

Through the use of bases nationwide under the Shared Office Agreement, vacancy time, etc. at outdoor or business trip destinations can be used effectively.

Shared offices of our subscribers

Prevention of Health issues resulting from Excessive work

We are focusing on three areas: mental and physical health of our employees, compliance with laws and regulations, and appropriate handling of constant long overtime work.

Elimination of excessive work

Employees that exceed certain standards working time are sent health survey forms, and we continue to require interviews by industrial physicians. Departments that have problems with overtime work formulate and implement improvement measures on a case-by-case basis to prevent overtime work by reducing excessive overtime.

Monitoring of Working Hours

We strive to prevent health impairment by declaring accurate overtime hours based on objective data such as PC logs, and ensuring resting hours in accordance with compliance with the 36 Agreement.

Regular labor management training for managers

We are continuing initiatives such as labor management training for managers.

Promotion of taking paid leave

By fostering a corporate culture that facilitates the use of paid holidays, and by systematically and proactively taking annual paid leave, we are striving in order that employees may clarify the distinction between on-and off-the-job, improve work-life balance, and refresh the mind and body. To achieve this, we are strengthening communication between supervisors and subordinates.


Various kinds of employee leave

In addition to our annual paid annual paid leave system, we have a variety of leave systems, including special leave for long service, maternity leave before and after childbirth, childcare leave, family care leave, shortened working hours for childcare, child nursing care leave, shortened working hours for family care, volunteer leave, and special sickness leave. We encourage employees to take leave in accordance with their diverse living conditions. In addition, we are striving to encourage employees to take leave by setting days to encourage taking paid leave and introducing a lodging travel subsidy system.

Relevant SDGs objectives

  • 8. Decent work and economic growth

    Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.