Diamond Realty Management Inc.


Private REIT Business


In 2019, we began operating the first U.S. private REIT (a private REIT under U.S. tax law) as a Japanese real estate management company.

  • AUM

    JPY 36.9 billion (as of end of March 2024, 1USD=130JPY)

  • Investment Strategy


  • Fund Type

    Open-End Fund

  • Investment target

    Residential, logistics, student house etc. (Residential and logistics compose over 80% of total portfolios)

  • Major Investors

    Domestic Investors and Mitsubishi Corporation

  • Characteristics of DUPR

    • 1. The first U.S. private REIT by a Japanese real estate management company

      This is the first private REIT under U.S. tax law formed by a Japanese real estate management company.

    • 2. Pursuit of total returns for investments in U.S. real estate

      The fund will invest in the properties that are located in the U.S. major markets where a stable employment and increasing demand for real estate are expected and will generate stable rental income over the long term, with the aim of realizing a total return, including both dividends during the period and increases in property value in long-term, due to rent increases.

    • 3. Stable asset management in collaboration with the subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation (Americas)

      Diamond Realty Management America Inc., a 100% owned real estate management company of Mitsubishi Corporation (Americas), provides asset management services for properties owned by the fund and property acquisition services for the fund. In addition, the fund aims to achieve stable organic growth and external growth by collaborating with Diamond Realty Investments,Inc., a 100% owned real estate investment company of Mitsubishi Corporation (Americas), as a business partner.

* “DREAM US Private REIT” refers collectively to DRM US Core REIT, LLC (a private fund structured with the intent of investment in a variety of commercial real estate in the United States, a REIT for U.S. tax purposes) and feeder funds to which we serve as a fund manager.