Diamond Realty Management Inc.


Mezzanine Fund Business

In 2018, we started a mezzanine fund business in the U.S. utilizing the Mitsubishi Corporation Group’s knowledge and experience in the U.S. real estate development business, and the track record of our domestic mezzanine fund business as well. Mezzanine debt, which are generally middle-risk, middle-return investments as compared to equity investments, may become one of the entry points when domestic investors start investing in U.S. real estate.

  • Leading track record

    • AUM

      JPY 15.8 billion (as of end of December 2023, 1USD=130JPY)

    • Investments target

      U.S. mezzanine debt, U.S. preferred equity investments

    • Collateralized asset

      Complex, residential, offices (including development) located in the U.S.

    • Fund Type

      Commingle Fund, Separate Account Fund

    • Major Investors

      Domestic Investors and Mitsubishi Corporation