Diamond Realty Management Inc.

Six Business Domains

We have six core business domains: domestic private REITs, overseas (U.S.) private REITs, domestic real estate closed-end funds, overseas (U.S.) real estate closed-end funds, domestic mezzanine funds, and overseas (U.S.) mezzanine funds. In recent years, as part of the domestic real estate closed-end fund business, we have strengthened our efforts in separate account fund operations as well as commingled fund operations in order to meet the needs of investors.

Asset Management

We provide domestic/overseas institutional investors with asset management services such as real estate fund origination, operation and entrustment, and advice for all types of real estate including retail facilities, rental housing and logistics facilities.

We intend to provide our domestic/overseas investors with attractive investment opportunities, capitalizing on the wide-ranging expertise and experience of the Mitsubishi Corporation Group concerning the real estate market as well as its comprehensive financial know-how.

Advisory Services

We provide real estate owners with various solutions such as effective use of real estate and attractive sales opportunities, capitalizing on marketing capabilities, information-collection capabilities, credibility expertise, and experience by way of the extensive domestic/overseas network of the Mitsubishi Corporation Group.