Diamond Realty Management Inc.

Corporate Data

  • Company Name

    Diamond Realty Management Inc.

  • Business

    Private Real Estate Asset Management (Financial Products Business)

  • Date Established

    October 2004

  • Capital

    JPY 300Mil

  • Shareholder

    Mitsubishi Corporation (100%)

  • Board of Directors

    President and CEO Takashi Tsuji
    Managing Director Hiromutsu Kano
    Managing Director Yasuyuki Sanami
    Managing Director (part-time) Naoshi Ogikubo
    Managing Director (part-time) Katsumi Nakamoto
    Managing Director (part-time) Yoichi Shimoyama
    Managing Director (part-time) Hisashi Ishiwata
    Corporate Auditor (part-time) Takayuki Sato
    Corporate Auditor (part-time) Yoshinori Matsuoka

  • Location

    10F, Hirakawacho Mori Tower, 16-1, Hirakawacho 2-Chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-0093 Japan
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  • Number of Employees

    87 (As of end of Dec. 2018)

  • AUM

    JPY 564.9Bil/ USD 5.135Bil (As of end of Dec. 2018; 1USD=110JPY)
    *Including Assets Managed under other engagement

  • License

    Financial Instruments Business Licenses (Director General of the Kanto Local Finance Bureau No 840)
    – Investment Management Business License
    – Investment Advisory and Agency Business License
    -Type II Financial Instruments Business License
    Real Estate Brokers License (Tokyo Governer(3)No 83926 )
    Discretionary Transaction Agent License (Minister of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport License No71)
    Money-Lending Business License (Tokyo Governer(3)No 31403)

  • Member Associations

    Japan Investment Advisers Association
    The Association for Real Estate Securitization
    The Investment Trusts Association, Japan
    Asian Association for Investors in Non-listed Real Estate Vehicles(ANREV)
    Asia Pascific Real Estate Association(APREA)
    Urban Land Institute (ULI)



Principal Affiliates

  • Japan

    • Company Name

      Marunouchi Infrastructure Inc. Website

    • Principal Business

      Infrastructure Investments; Asset Management, advisory, and cunsulting services of domestic diversified Infrastructure fund targeted to invest into the various Infrastructure business

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