Diamond Realty Management Inc.

Notice concerning Advertisement under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act

Since the securities DREAM handles and the services it provides cover a broad range of fields and vary in nature, consideration such as handling fees and remuneration paid to DREAM by customers are determined upon consultation with customers on an individual basis and in accordance with specific details of individual transactions, including the specific type of product or service, details of duties and contract period. Therefore, we are not able to indicate the amount of handling fees, remuneration and such or calculation formula in advance.

Furthermore, products DREAM handles may suffer a loss of principal or a loss of a value greater than principal due to variable risk factors such as trends of the transaction/leasing markets, changes in occupancy rates, etc., natural disasters and changes in tax system, for real estate, etc., which is the final form of investment asset.

DREAM does not guarantee the principal or the yield of financial instruments it offers. The investor will bear the risks of the value of the investment to fall below the principal amount and of not being able to receive expected return (profit) from the securities in which the investor has invested.