Diamond Realty Management Inc.

Diversity & Inclusion

Other Initiatives

Developing Employees That Generate Innovation

Personnel evaluation system

At the beginning of each fiscal year, our employees work together with their supervisors to set targets for their own operations. Evaluations of each employee are determined based on the degree of achievement of established targets, etc., and are determined after interim and year-end reviews. The amount of bonuses paid each year is partially linked to this evaluation.

Internal Training and Education System

In addition to in-house training sponsored by ourselves (new employee training, management training, mental health training, compliance training, training in accordance with revisions to laws, ESG and sustainability training, etc.), we have a training system of the Mitsubishi Corporation Group(basic skills improvement training, management training, and leadership training (held in some overseas locations) etc. )to promote the further growth of our employees in line with each stage.
In addition to the above, based on the instructor system for new employees we provide the necessary support for employees to acquire business and adapt to the work environment.

Overseas Business Development and Overseas assignment

Starting with our private fund business in the U.S., which we launched in 2017, we also operate a mezzanine fund business and a private REIT business in the U.S. We are also actively engaged in business collaboration with Diamond Realty Management America Inc and Diamond Realty Investments,Inc, which are Group companies, as well as temporary staffing, and we enjoy a favorable environment for being involved in real estate investment management services overseas.

Task Force

When promoting company-wide projects, we form a cross-sectional task force based on personnel selected from each department as necessary, and work to resolve issues by bringing together wisdom that transcends the boundaries between departments. In addition to building internal relationships through collaboration with members from other departments, the task force also enables employees to acquire a wide range of knowledge and experience other than their own assigned duties.

Self-Development Support System

We provide financial support based on certain standards for our employees’ self-development activities, such as participation in training and seminars and acquisition of qualifications, with the aim of improving their expertise, professional skils, and language.

Major Professional Qualifications

ARES Certified Master
Real Estate Notary
Real Estate Appraiser
First-Class Architect
Tax Accountant
Chief of Money Lending Operations
Securities Analysts
Small and Medium Enterprise Management Consultant
Real Estate Consulting Master
Certified Building Administrator
Certified Rental Property Manager
*As of the end of March 2022
*The number of qualified persons includes those who passed the exam

Increase Employee Satisfaction Level

Office environment that takes into consideration diverse working styles, health, and comfort

In October 2022, we undertook a complete renewal of our office environment to create “the environment where people can connect with each other and achieve group communication,” “multiple themed environments that are fun and festive,” and “the environment that enhances productivity and concentration.”

  • Creation of Comfortable Spaces

    We have designed the office space without barriers to create a sense of unity, while at the same time allowing the number of seats to be increased in stages in anticipation of our company’s future growth.

  • Revitalization of Communication

    We have prepared a cross-sectional discussion space with the aim of fostering innovation through conversations among employees.

    Communication area
  • Enhancement of Productivity and Concentration

    We have prepared spaces in which employees can concentrate on Web meetings and various tasks in a different location from their own seats.

    Left: Telecube
    Right: Space for Concentration

Free drink system

We have introduced a free vending machine (Free drink System) as part of our welfare program. At the same time, we have introduced charity vending machines to raise employee awareness of social contribution, and donate all of the sales to support activities.

Support activities

Gold Ribbon Network

Support for children with child cancer to live with peace of mind and smiling faces


Supporting School Lunch for Children in Asia and Africa

Employee survey

Since fiscal 2013, we have conducted an organizational culture survey to reflect employees’ awareness and opinions about the company in company-wide organizational management. In fiscal 2021, all employees participated in the survey.

Club Activity Support System

We provide financial support for employees’ club activities with the aim of facilitating internal communication and promoting mental and physical health.

Defined contribution pension plan

We have introduced a defined contribution pension plan (401K) to help improve employee engagement.