Diamond Realty Management Inc.

Diversity & Inclusion

Promoting Understanding of Diverse Values

Basic Philosophy

We will strive to promote the understanding and awareness of each and every employee in order to promote D&I.
We aim to foster a workplace culture that recognizes and respects the views and concepts of the diverse human resources in our organization, and accepts and respects the differences.

Efforts to Promote Understanding

Diversity training

We will provide opportunities and venues for employees to learn about a variety of topics, including work-life balance, persons with disabilities, and LGBT, and strive to promote understanding and awareness of D&I among each and every employee.

Unconscious bias training

We will conduct training for executives and managers to deepen their knowledge and understanding of unconscious bias.

Implementation of measures to improve management skills and dialogue capabilities of diverse human resources for managers

Provide opportunities for managers to acquire the necessary management skills in order for diverse human resources to work together and achieve results.