Corporate Overview

Message from the CEO

Takashi Tsuji

Diamond Realty Management Inc. (DREAM), a fully-owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation, was founded in October 2004 on the parent company's real estate and finance expertise. DREAM provides a solid platform for Mitsubishi Corporation to engage in private equity real estate---it creates and manages real estate funds that fulfill the needs of domestic and foreign institutional investors, such as pension funds, insurance companies, and financial institutions. On top of the close-end funds that have hitherto constituted the core of the business, the launch of a mezzanine debt program and a private REIT has expanded DREAM’s product lineup and once increased its AUM to over JPY 500 billion.

Since the inception of J-REITs in 2000, the market of commercial real estate in Japan has expanded greatly. Currently, the combined assets under management for J-REITs and private funds have reached more than JPY 200 trillion. Almost certainly, commercial real estate will continue to play an important role in the portfolios of Japanese institutional investors. However, despite the growth of the Japanese market, there are very few real estate investment managers who truly understand the meaning of "fiduciary duty." To deliver what is required by the investors beyond the numbers, DREAM is committed to the best practices in risk management and corporate governance.

DREAM's goal is to provide exceptional real estate investment management services to its clients. By leveraging the support and network of Mitsubishi Corporation, DREAM enhances the specialized skill-sets of its seasoned professionals as it provides tailor-made solutions to the clients.

DREAM seeks to capitalize on Mitsubishi Corporation's rich information sources, solid reputation & strong relationships across major industries, and to take advantage of the parent company's unique position as a premier global trading and investment company.

Diamond Realty Management Inc.
President & CEO Takashi Tsuji