Business Services

Business Services

Asset Management

DREAM's mission is to provide attractive investment opportunities to new and existing clients.
DREAM designs investment strategies and executes them to meet the investor's needs. DREAM also offers high quality asset management services to maximize and maintain the value of the properties. DREAM engages in a wide range of property types, including retail, residential, office, and logistics facilities.

Advisory Services

It is also DREAM's mission to provide real estate owners with effective solutions, efficient use of properties , and attractive sales opportunities. DREAM achieves this by utilizing its rich information network, marketing expertise, and the solid reputation of the Mitsubishi Corporation Group.

Our Advantages

Accumulated Knowledge and
Rich Resources of Mitsubishi Corporation Group

Extensive Domestic/International Networks
DREAM offers solid business and asset investment knowledge and utilizes the vast domestic and international information networks developed through the long-established trading expertise of Mitsubishi Corporation. The accumulated knowledge in a wide variety of industries is one of DREAM's greatest strengths. DREAM also works actively on cross-border transactions by taking advantage of its relationship with the global trading and investment company.
Pioneering Work in Financial Businesses
Mitsubishi Corporation, having entered financial management, is now engaged in a wide range of alternative investments, such as private equity funds (including revitalization and buyout), hedge funds, fund management, and fund of funds composition.
Mitsubishi Corporation has recently integrated asset finance into its business platform. Aircraft leasing and car leasing are good examples of this endeavour. With its advantages as a general trading company, Mitsubishi Corporation has solidly established a strong presence in the financial industry. DREAM, with its unique relationship with Mitsubishi Corporation, is able to capture every opportunity in real estate investment and tap into the advanced financial skills of MC and DREAM professionals.
Development and Management
DREAM undertakes real estate development projects and value-add activities by employing its knowledge in finance and real estate. DREAM has experiences and achievements in real estate development and value-add projects in every major asset type in Japan. DREAM is highly skilled at maintaining and improving property values since it is also able to obtain functional contributions from companies within Mitsubishi Corporation, such as the Mitsubishi Corporation Urban Development, Inc., which has strong relationships with commercial tenants, and the Mitsubishi Corporation LT, Inc., which has a solid presence in the logistics industry.
Good Credibility with the Banking Establishment
Even in a volatile market environment, DREAM is able to maintain its exceptional debt-raising capability on the basis of Mitsubishi Corporation's financial expertise and a conservative risk management attitude, which are highly valued among domestic and international banks. DREAM has demonstrated its ability to sustain and grow its business, despite market conditions.
Discipline in Fund Management
In addition to maintaining the prudent attitude for management and investment that is a tradition of Mitsubishi Corporation, DREAM is acutely aware of its fiduciary duty as an asset management company and always holds its clients' interests as its top priority. DREAM also has established a system of advanced risk management and the complete elimination of conflicts of interest. This highly transparent and disciplined management structure has earned DREAM a great reputation among its investors and lenders.