Diamond Realty Management Inc.


Since its launch in July 2012, DPR pursued its growth by putting its focus to retail and logistics sectors, and by utilizing its strength as a member of Mitsubishi Corporation Group to achieve the stable income and steady asset management.

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    • Fund Type

      Open-End Fund, Core

    • Investors

      Japanese Institutional Investors (Including Pensions), Mitsubishi Corporation

    • Assets

      Retail, Logistics, Residential, Office etc. (Retail and Logistics compose over 75% of total Portfolios.)

Features of DPR

Portfolio Development Focusing on Retail and Logistics Assets

Leveraging the extensive network base and expertize in these sectors through trading and operating experiences of Mitsubishi Corporation Group, we target these as our core asset classes.

Continuous Growth by Utilizing the Pipelines of Mitsubishi Corporation Group

Mitsubishi Corporation can offer us the capability of real estate development, acquisition, and warehousing (on hold) functions and opportunities. Additionally, we seek to diversify our acquisition opportunities by enhancing the sourcing routes through our wide range of activities and networks we hold as an asset company with other Mitsubishi Corporation affiliates, business partners, and management of mezzanine debt funds.

Stable Cash Flow backed by the Long-Term Leasing Contracts

We create stable cash flows backed by the long-term leasing contracts with low rent volatilities. With the tenant relations we’d established through the long trading business experiences of Mitsubishi Corporation Group and using our operating know-hows that we’d build as an asset management company, we aim to achieve the mid-long term stabled income gains.