Diamond Realty Management Inc.

People and Organization

We aim to have an open organization that respects all types of diversity in order to create a work environment in which employees can work with a sense of ease and produce new ideas, while nurturing employees who are able to create innovations by invigorating our organization.

Respect for diversity

Our personnel consist of full-time, seconded from parent company, contract, and temporary employees. We also employ those with disabilities as part of our corporate social responsibility and diversity efforts.

Composition of Employees

Employee Attributes Female Male
Managerial Position 2 28
Non-Managerial Position 25 33
Contract Employee 0 1
Temporary Staff 5 0
*As of the end of Mar.2021

Change in Number of Employees

Nurturing employees to create innovation (human resource development)

Overseas Business Development and Secondment of Staffs

Starting with our closed-end fund business in the U.S., which was launched in 2017, we also operate a mezzanine fund business and a private REIT business in the U.S. We also actively facilitate business collaboration with and secondment of staff to our group companies Diamond Realty Management America Inc. and Diamond Realty Investments, Inc., thereby creating opportunities to engage in the real estate investment management businesses overseas.
In addition, we have continuously solely sponsored a networking event, “Japan Breakfast”, since 2014 at MIPIM, a real estate trade show held annually in Cannes, France, to actively disseminate information on trends in the Japanese real estate market and the global capital markets/investors surrounding Japan.

Task Force

When promoting company-wide projects, we establish a cross-sectional task force consisting of key personnel from each related department as necessary, and work to resolve issues by utilizing expertise and knowledge across departments. In addition to building internal relationships through collaboration with members of other departments, the task force enables members to acquire a wide range of knowledge and experience beyond their own assigned duties.

Personnel Assessment System

At the beginning of each fiscal year, each employee works with their supervisors to set personal work targets. Personnel assessment is determined based on the degree of achievement of the targets and other factors after interim and year-end reviews. Bonuses are partially linked to this evaluation.

In-House Training and Education System

We strive to promote each employee’s further growth in line with their career stage by incorporating training programs developed in-house (newly hired employee training, management training, mental health training, compliance training, training in accordance with legal revisions, ESG and sustainability training, etc.) and the Mitsubishi Corporation Group’s training programs (basic skills improvement, leadership, management, etc.).
In addition to the above, we provide the necessary support for newly hired employees to acquire business knowledge and adapt to the work environment immediately based on our “instructor program.”

Self-Development Support System

We provide financial support, based on our standard, for employees to participate in training and seminars, acquire qualifications, and engage in other self-development activities with the aim of developing their business expertise, skills, and proficiency in foreign languages, etc.

Major Professional Qualifications

ARES Certified Master
Real Estate Notary
Real Estate Appraiser
First-Class Architect
Tax Accountant
Chief of Money Lending Operations
Securities Analysts
Small and Medium Enterprise Management Consultant
Real Estate Consulting Master
Certified Building Administrator
Certified Rental Property Manager
*As of the end of March 2022
*The number of qualified persons includes those who passed the exam

Support for working styles where employees can work with a sense of ease
(Work-Life Balance)

Utilization of Work-from-Home System and Share Offices

We have a system that can respond flexibly to diverse working styles, such as a work-from-home system and the infrastructure to support it. In addition, through the use of sites nationwide under a share office agreement, we are able to effectively utilize free time, etc. when outside the office or during business trips.

Infrastructure for Remote Work

We are able to conduct almost all of our in-house operations online, ensuring that operations are carried out smoothly at home and at shared offices, etc. In addition to promoting operational efficiency by issuing smartphones, notebook PCs, and tablet devices to employees, we have succeeded in drastically reducing the amount of paper used in operations by viewing meeting materials on such tablets and other devices.

System with Various Types of Leave

In addition to our annual paid leave system, we have a variety of leave systems, including special leave for long service, maternity leave before and after childbirth, childcare leave, family care leave, shortened working hours for childcare, shortened working hours for family care, leave for volunteer work, and special sickness leave. We encourage employees to take leave depending on their individual living conditions. We also work to encourage employees to take paid leave by designating a certain number of days recommended for leave and through the introduction of a subsidy system for travel accommodations. In fiscal 2019, the usage rate of annual paid leave was 78.3%.

Flexible Working Hours

We have introduced a flexible working hours system (core time: 11:00-15:00) to enable employees to conduct their work efficiently and independently at their own discretion.

Defined Contribution Pension Plan

We have introduced a defined contribution pension plan (401K) to help improve employee engagement.

Open organization
(internal communications)

Club Activities Support System

We provide financial support for employees’ club activities with the aim of facilitating internal communication and promoting mental and physical health. As of the end of November 2020, , six clubs established based on the company’s standards (e.g., golf, tennis, basketball, fishing, running, Japanese Culture Exploration (tea ceremony, traditional performances viewing, etc.)) are active.

Employee Survey

Since fiscal 2013, we have been conducting an “organizational culture survey” to reflect employees’ thoughts and opinions concerning the company in our company-wide organizational management. In fiscal 2019, 98.6% of employees participated in this survey.

Office Spaces for Diverse Working Styles

We are striving to improve employee productivity by providing office spaces that take into account the diversity of tasks by making one of the rooms with the best view at the office we currently occupy a communication area and by installing multiple booths for concentration and open meeting. Bottled beverages are available for free in the office.

Other systems

In addition to the above, we promote the further improvement of employee ease of working through the introduction of the following systems and implementation of initiatives.

  • Periodic health checkups
  • Occupational physician
  • Stress checking test
  • Influenza immunization
  • Group long-term income compensation insurance
  • Reemployment after retirement
  • Reemployment after resignation accompanying spouse’s job relocation
  • Long-service incentives
  • and various other benefit packages