Diamond Realty Management Inc.

Our Advantages

Distinguished Characteristics

Based on the wide-ranging know-how of Mitsubishi Corporation, which possesses abundant knowledge on the fields of real estate development/construction and finance, DREAM aims to provide high-quality real estate investment consulting services as a group of professionals equipped with sophisticated expertise capable of organically bonding Mitsubishi Corporation’s support and both of such fields.

About CI

DREAM Corporate Identity


  • Reliability from Investors/Tenants
  • Credit from Render/Seller etc.
  • High Standard Professionalism
  • Dynamism
  • Well-established Business Behavior
  • Abounding Knowledge & Experience on Business Operations


  • Asset Class
  • Product Strategy
  • Regional Expanding
  • Stakeholder
  • Diversification/Growth Strategy


  • Bold Challenging Spirit
  • Pioneer Spirit
  • Forceful Forward Energy
  • Dynamic Performance
  • Innovation Culture
  • Speedy Economic Activities


  • The Three Corporate Principles (Corporate Philosophy)
  • Group Strength
  • History/Brand Strength
  • Financial Resources

Future α

  • Sustainability
    (Sustainable Environment/Consideration for Society)
  • Long-term Continuous Growth
  • Friendliness(Corporative Culture)
  • Creativity

DREAM’s CI is symbolized by 5 keywords; “Trust”, “Diversification”, “Leading Edge”, Mitsubishi Corporation Group”, “Future α”, and our company’s Brand Concept is these keywords integration which stands for
“ Irreplaceable Original Existence”.
Being Asset Management Company of private real estate closed-end funds, DREAM is based on its “Trust”. It aims to offer the diversity/innovated products, business/regional communities development to extensive stakeholders such as; investors, tenants, sellers, buyers, business partners, shareholders, employees, regional communities etc.
Furthermore, DREAM utilize network and knowledge of real estate management/operation business effectively as a member of Mitsubishi Corporation Group companies, and strive for initiatives with a view to future growth.